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Minecraft servers are available on promotional offer.

All our servers are manageable with a dedicated control panel that allows you to install mods and addons with ease.

Furthermore, following our guides, your server will also be accessible from any Android device

11th Mar 2021
Game Server Valheim Available

Valheim inspired by the culture of the Vikings   Full of honour you have fallen in battle, now the world of Valheim is open to you and the new battle for Odin’s favour begins. But Valheim is not a warrior’s paradise, it is more like an ancient purgatory, ruled by ancient creatures. It is your task to restore order and conquer the Nordic ... Read More »

19th Feb 2021
Game Server Project Car 2 Available

Slightly Mad Studios new instalment of the Project CARS franchise is here and with an e-sport focus on its mind. Projects CARS 2 is building on the success of its predecessor boasting the largest track roaster ever seen in a racing game. Multiple disciplines, over 180 vehicles to choose from and 140 "Living" organic tracks in 60 locations to ... Read More »

2nd Feb 2021
New Guides Available

New Video Guides available in the Game Panel section of our Knowledgebase

31st Jan 2021
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